What is Plastic Surgery ?

The Plastic Surgery is the surgical specialty dedicated to the reconstruction of corporal and face defects due to congenital malformations, accidents, burns and diseases, it is an art and a science related to the improvement of the appearance of the person by means of operations or cosmetic procedures that produce a positive effect on the area to treat.

“The plastic” word is original of Greek “the plastikos” that mean to mold or to transform. The purpose is that the patient who has been born with a congenital defect or has suffered an accident that has made him lose the function as much reaches normality in its aspect as in the function of its body. Also it allows to offer to the aesthetic improvement when remodelar bodies to make them but beautiful.

The Plastic Surgery has been divided from a practical point of view in two battle areas.

Reconstructive or Reparadora Surgery, that it includes microsurgery, it is focused in disguising and reconstructing the destructive effects of an accident or trauma. The Reconstructive Surgery makes use of osteosíntesis techniques, autólogos weave transfer by means of colgajos and transplants of healthy parts of the body to the affected ones.

Aesthetic Surgery (or cosmetic) is made with the purpose of changing those parts of the body that are not satisfactory for the patient. In many cases, nevertheless, there are medical reasons (for example, Mammoplasty or Breast Reduction when there are orthopedics problems in the lumbar Column, or the Blepharoplasty in serious cases of Blepharochalasis that even prevent the eyesight).